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This is when you realize how many songs this movie has O.O

I think I don’t have an excuse, I just wanted to draw these ‘-‘

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Game of Thrones Cupcakes

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I love giving him surprises! It’s in my very nature to do so when I love a person dearly. Sorry for the face, he rarely does a good pose with me. Hahahaha.

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I love giving him surprises! It’s in my very nature to do so when I love a person dearly. Sorry for the face, he rarely makes a good pose with me. Hahahaha.

Law isn’t that easy. My god.

I don’t believe in courtship. It’s a waste of time. If I love the person, I’ll tell her right away. But for you, I’ll make an exception. Just love me now, and I will court you forever. — Marcos

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I’m pretty sure I’m determined to finish my law degree and pursue on practicing law after, more than you guys think. I don’t give up easily on what I’ve entered into, I’m not that fragile and weak. Why can’t you just trust me? I’m your freaking daughter for Pete’s sake. I had a previous 2-year relationship and I didn’t fuck everything up and now that I’m in a more serious and open one, I get to have less privileges of being respected and trusted.


I’ve been by your side longer than any of them, Khaleesi. Let me stand for you today as well. You’re my most trusted advisor, my most valued general and my dearest friend. I will not gamble with your life.


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“Hurry,” she was whispering now, “quickly, quickly, now, do it now, do me now. Jaime Jaime Jaime.” Her hands helped guide him. “Yes,” Cersei said as he thrust, “my brother, sweet brother, yes, like that, yes, I have you, you’re home now, you’re home now, you’re home.” She kissed his ear and stroked his short bristly hair. Jaime lost himself in her flesh. He could feel Cersei’s heart beating in time with his own, and the wetness of blood and seed where they were joined.

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T o m m e n  o f  H o u s e  B a r a t h e o n

the First of His Name. King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms

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He knew why he wanted to kiss her. Because she was beautiful. And before that, because she was kind. And before that, because she was smart and funny. Because she was exactly the right kind of smart and funny. Because he could imagine taking a long trip with her without ever getting bored. Because whenever he saw something new and interesting, or new and ridiculous, he always wondered what she’d have to say about it—how many stars she’d give it and why.

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holy fucking hell Logan you have grown up

f u c k m e

Ohh my…. How did he get more attractive then before?

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